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All you need is Vitamin D

Yes, It is stable at normal cooking

Daily Vitamin D requirements

Baby(3year)- 200IU

Adult-400 IU

Pregnant- 600 IU

Elderly(Above 50 year) 600 IU

Yes. It is suitable to children above 3 years

The recommended daily requirement is 400IU. Every healthy individual should consume half spoon ( approximately 0.5 gm) daily. Spoon is provided inside the D’bello bottle. One spoon= 1 gm= 1000 IU

Individuals those who are deficient in vitamin D may required more vitamin D to meet the need of the body. WHO (world health organization) recommends 3000-4000 IU/daily through diet. So, deficient individuals should consume 3-4 spoon(3-4 gm) daily for 4 months to fulfill the requirement. After achieving sufficient level of vitamin D switch to half spoon daily to avoid the vitamin D deficiency again.

No, it does not alter the taste and texture of your food.

You can add to any food such as sabji, roti, curry, curd, milk, poha, upma , milk, tea. In liquid it tries to settle down, mix it properly.

Yes you can take it. We suggest it in food because it goes better with food.

You can take it any time with any food. Now with D’bello Vitamin D any where any time.